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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Addison's Monkey Party!

I just got the pictures back from Addison's 2nd birthday party and I am thrilled with them! I hope you enjoy them too!

Once again, my amazing sister made all of the yummy treats. She has given me permission to share a few of her secrets with you!

Last year we made a batch of rice crispy treats that we intended to cut into a cute flower shape with a cookie cutter. Unfortunately, things didn't go so well. The rice crispy treats hardened very quickly which made them nearly impossible to work with. This year Nikki came up with another plan!

Secret #1: These are actually just the store bought rice crispy treats! She just cut them into smaller pieces, dipped them in a white candy melt and then drizzled them with pink and yellow. So cute and so much easier! 

These cake pops were to die for!

Secret# 2: These are made from a boxed cake mix!
Here is how to make them! Step 1: Bake cake following the directions on the box. Step 2: Crumble the cake into small pieces. Step 3: Mix  cake crumbles with a pre-made frosting. Step 4: Roll the mixture into balls and place it in the freezer for at least 1 hour. This helps to keep the cake pops together while you add the lollipop stick. Step 5: Add the lollipop stick. Step 6: Quickly dip the cake pops into the candy melt mixture and top with sprinkles. It is important to do this before the cake pops defrost completely. They can be quite fragile! :-) That's it! Don't they look adorable?

Did you know that you can buy JUST banana runts? We used them to fill the push up pops. Perfect  food for little monkeys!

Isn't he the cutest?

Addison's nanny made this super cute cake!


These monkey masks were another great $1 find at the craft store.

The Party Dress is one of my very favorite party blogs. We got the idea for these adorable monkey party favors (among other things) there.

I always love finding little ways to make kids feel special at birthday parties. Setting up a kids table is a great way to do that.

Each lunch bag was filled with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, goldfish crackers, homemade banana bread and a banana.

My little munchkin with his Uncle Johnie.

 Isn't she precious? Happy Birthday sweet Addi!

Party design/styling: Pitter Patter Parties
Paper Good and invitation: Pitter Patter Parties
Cake and Cupcakes: Kelly Baker
Sweet Treats: Nikki Matthews
Banana Runts: Sweet Factory
Monkey Graphics: Designer Graphics

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  1. I want to try making all of those treats ... they look so darn cute!!